Talking Me

So, what shall I talk about?
no kittens from Princess yet.
We are all in good health, so far, I hope We wont get sick any more this year!
Did I ever tell you that I like to blog?
I am trying to stay on track with my 'book', Chances are, I wont ever a book 'till I'm grown. already I think I've dropped it, Oh well.
I am reading a book called 'Not Regina', so far I like it.
Benna is SO cute!!
I really want to start a Business of My own, but I don't know WHAT I could sell, since I don't really have a craft hobby, I might give craft hobbies a try again, but I really don't know.
I am pretty sure I have my pictures picked out for the contest, did you know that you can enter in a maximum of 3 pictures? and if I enter in 3 pictures then I will have to pay 9 dollars, ouch, yeah, I know that 9$ isn't really that much, but that is 9$ going out ( not including the frames hat they say you have to have) and I have nothing going in, Maybe I'll open a store on Etsy. Oh, what shall I sell?
I think that when Sabastion dies ( that will be awhile yet) I don't want to get another dog untill I can have it inside, I don't like it when your pet stinks and you dont want it to lick you 'cause your afraid that the last thing that it drug up was a rat ( like one of our dogs did YUCK!!!!!).

Okay, those where just My randam thoughts, hoped you liked them, see you in the next post!!



  1. About the contest... How did you find out that you can enter more than one picture? We read the rules and we weren't sure if it meant three things, one in each category, or three things in the same category.

    See you later!

  2. Hey..yea'll are going to have to come over and tell me what my kittens are! (boy or girl)


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal