Bye bye

OK....I am not able to post pictures right now, but I will inform you of another happening.

Today We got rid of our puppies, how sad, the first to go was Porcha, We hadn't even all gotten out of the van when her new owner pulled up, it was a family with young children the poor man didn't stand a chance, his children where saying "please daddy please!" and his wife was looking at him with begging eyes, that was it, they drove off with her.
next was Cherokee( Your puppy is gone, Hannah) his family is ( I believe) a Mexican couple, one man and lady was wanting him, but decided no.
then it was KIA, the Mom wanted Beretta, but the Daughter ( she was about 2 or 3) had Kia in her arms and was firm about wanting her.
next was Beretta, I forget what her owners where like.
then My baby, Dodge, I so wanted him to not find a home, cause Daddy said that we can fix the males and keep them, not so with the girls, but he found a home with a bunch of giggly girls, they where SO exited, but the Mom was almost certain that the Dad was NOT going to like them getting a puppy, but her daughters where saying stuff like "Please Mom, I'll keep in My room and do everything that needs to be done" of course the Mom said that the dog would NOT be staying inside, but outside in the yard.
last of all was Chevy, his couple was Mexican, they seemed hesitant, especially when they heard that he didn't have any shots, but they discussed it in Mexican ( so I can't say why they decided to get him) and finally said "yes"

that was our day, it was done in about 1 1/2 hours, in between there was sign waving ( they said "free puppies", but still some people asked how much they cost) and some people stopped in just to look, now I think 'why would you 'just look' at puppies?? if you aren't going to get any then don't get the owners hopes up. some people really did want one but spouses said no, like this one couple, the lady REALLY wanted Beretta, but the Man said that they already had 5 at home, they where from new york i think, because they sounded like Daddy said they do.

So, Hannah, Your Cherokee is gone, forever ;-).


  1. Yay!! Glad you found homes for all your puppies!! :-)


  2. :( *crying* (not really, but i am pretty sad:( ) But I'm glad all went well and I hope he has a good home....


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