Kittens, yep, again.

so, you all know that we where NOT going to pull our kittens out from where they where born.
Tuesday (I believe) they were born, and the boys knew where they at, and they wouldn't tell where they were, much to Us girls regret. but that same day Shauna saw Princess jump into the insulation, then when Princess jumped in one of her kittens fell out, and little Ann trotted up and started picking up the kitten in her mouth, not in a vicious way, but in a motherly way, but Shauna panicked thinking "she's killing my kitten!!!!" so, Mama said that since her kittens might keep falling out, just to bring them to the front porch in a box, so here they are!

We decided not to name them, since We are not keeping any, so just to keep Us from getting mixed up, I call them thing 1 and thing 2, they above picture is of thing 1,

thing 2, is by far prettier then thing 1!!

Of coarse Princess had one still born, as usual, then this Morning We found out that one of her other kittens ( she had a total of 3 that lived past birth, this one was thing 3 and looked a lot like thing 2, but face marks where slightly different) had died, so sad, so he was bureid, and yes, they where all boys except thing 3, so, there you go, the new litter from Princess!!
now, pretty pretty please, TAKE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they will most likely go to the pound other wise. We plan to drop them off at the pound when We get our Mama cats fixed.



  1. awww...yes, I like the 2nd one best too....sorry! I can't take one! I have Chubbs, two grown cats, 5 kittens, and if I can find Lily's all together I'll have eight kittens!! So....I would have 8 cats!!!! and the Drawbond's cat had kittens, and so did the Lewis' ....But I hope you find SOMEONE! Oh I KNOW!!! a BUCH of girls at Bright Lights want kittens....;) cause I asked last time and they were saying , "YEAH! I want one"
    p.s. sorry this is SUCH a long comment. ;)

  2. and you stole my blinkies! ;) well, thats ok I geuss. :D


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