but I shall not be able to post for awhile, for you see that our internet (And phone!!!) is down!!!!

right now I am using a friends computer, can you guess who??

just to inform you of what is going on....

our snake almost died, Evan put him outside so he could get sun, and then forgot about him!! so, when he finelly remembered poor snakey, the snake was limp and was SUPER hot!!
We brought him inside and positioned a fan over him, but he didn't improve, any.
then We got the idea, "hey, I wonder if he is thirsty"
so We tryed to put his head in the water bowl, nothing, he couldn't even open his mouth!
so I got a baby medicine dropper and Zeb forced open his mouth and put a few drops in, Bingo! that worked!!!!!
so, after We helped him to drink, he started to improve, Thankfully!
so, I hope our cornppops ( that is his name) will be himself when We get home!
and, by then there should also be a shedded snake skin in his cage!!



  1. Aww... poor snake!! :-( I'm glad you figured out what was wrong with him though!

    mmm... I wonder who's house you are at..... someone in your family? Or a friend? mmmm... I wonder...


  2. The Lewis'??? :D :( hope you can get on again soon!

  3. yep, you guessed right, Hannah!
    how did ya know??


  4. well, i just geussed!


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- Blaise Pascal