I back....sorta!


the Internet is working somewhat!
it is still REALLY slow, but at least I am on....right??

here is what has been going on.......

*our snake is better! still hasn't shed.

*Sebastian hurt his paw, it is that, or he has Arthritis, and he is still a young dog! he just limps around, poor fella!

*We got a new phone, hopefully that was the problem with our phone, so far it seems like it was! they are really neat, and have cool ring tones!

*I have decided (I think) not to enter into the photography contest...'Cause that is a good deal of $$ to spend and not get anything back, if I had a way of making money then it would not be a problem, but I don't get much, unless I put the snaps on Mama's bibs that she makes, but that is only 10 cents a snap, which is OK, but I would really like to start my own Business!
so I might still enter, who knows.

*Daddy is fixing our ac today!!!!
the reason why is because Monday night is going to be cold, so We will need the heater most likely, but it is finally gtting fixed, although it hasn't been too hot here latly.

*I have some really neat photograghy pictures, but I am on the laptop, and they are on the desk top, so you guys will just have to wait!

*I sent off my penpal's letter today, hope it gets there in timely order, and that she will write back soon!

*here are some neat links!

Molly, you have already seen some, but I think Hannah might be interested!

*still haven't memorized Psalms 1 yet, then again, We haven't been trying to ether .

Well, I think I am going to go now...BYE!!!

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  1. Yay!! I'm glad you have internet! Our's is still not working very well...
    :-(, but it is working for the moment (obviously!)
    I am still gonna enter the contest! We don't know for sure, but the lady that told us about this contest said that they had some pretty neat prizes!
    Anyway... I think even if there isn't a prize, it will still be fun!! :-)

    I guess I need to go now... they are starting 'Andy' without me!!
    See you tomorrow!!! :-)


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- Blaise Pascal