you know, I do not have a photography Blog like you do, Molly, so you must put up with Me posting them here :-)

I really like this one,
one of the first Dogwood flowers, I also like this one as well,
Mama's Marigold, they all look rather sickly, except this one,
a patch of clovers,
this was taken in the big open spot between our house and the Redmond's, I like how it almost has a dreamy haze to it.

these pictures loaded REALLY fast!!!
it only took a few seconds, that is nearly amazing! it usually takes around 1-2 minuets!


  1. Nice job! I think I like the dogwood one best, and the last one was really cool too.

  2. I REALLY like the second one!! Great job!!


  3. So, I guess Dogwood Wins!!



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