a REAL post :-) none of that photography....for now ;-)

Yeah, I know, it WILL get A LOT hotter then it is, but still, I do NOT like Hot weather!
AND our AC is broken, so that means We have no cooler.....at least it isn't THAT bad
the only thing I like about Summer is swimming and strawberries (I know I've said that before to someone).

What to post about?? Hmmm, Well, I can show you some pictures of My adorable baby sister, She is SO cute.... don't you agree?? :-)

Silly Girl!!
she looks deep in thought, doesn't she?
Evan and Zeb where trying to tie her up so Evan could carry her on his back, and she fell asleep! when she is tired ( I mean REALLY tired) she will do that, just go PLOP and fall asleep!
all fingers except her thumb are in her mouth, and look at that hair!
making one of her many sounds, isn't she just so silly?? :-)

yep, I'm also enjoying My camera! Daddy has been letting Me use a tripod that he and Mama have had since Evan was born, I can take even better pictures because I'm not having to hold the camera, I shake really bad when I snap the picture, causing it to be blurry.

I saw the Lewis' neighbours goats a few days ago, now I want us to own goats again, but it will take a while even if We did start to get some, because We would have to spray the area because We have some plants around here that kill goats, That plants are the ones that We think killed Nellie, but I don't think that the spray would be good for goats to eat, so We would have to wait for the spray to get washed away and also We have no fencing, So, you see it will take some time, oh well, just gotta wait I guess.

Last night We went grocery shopping, it took us about 3 hours, but I'm not sure how long it really took, but We bought some Pizza from beside the Deli, it was pretty good, We heated it up when we got home because even though it was late We where all hungry, it is good for a quick dinner.

Wow! this certanly is a long post, well, I would add more....but Mama needs Me to brown some ground beef for Tacos tonight ( yum!!), it is 4:39 already, time flew by so fast today, Well, Good bye!!


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