Benna has gotten SO big! :-(

She was gotten way, WAY, WAY to big!!

See what I mean???

here she is 5 months old, how small, cute and babyish

So SO little, can you believe that nearly two years have gone by since she was born???????
TWO years, she is getting TO big TO fast!!

Her adorable smile, isn't it just to cute?
Another picture of Her and her smile :-)
the last picture.....Our lil' curlgirl, just to cute to resist!

EVERYTHING about her is cute!!
From her chunky cheeks to her dirty little feet, yes, I love those too!

Why, oh why does she HAVE to grow up so fast??



  1. Wow! She sure has!! :-)
    I was sorting though Nehemiah's pictures the other day... and I was looking at pictures of him when he was a newborn...he certainly has changed a LOT sense he was born... they grow up WAY to fast, don't they?! I LOVE her curls!!! :-) And her 'cheesy' little grin! So cute!!


  2. so sad...that Babies grow up SO fast, at least for big families there is always another Baby yo hold and love by the time the last one is bigger!!


  3. Yes! I am going to have a birthday. That cat's name is captin jr. He is karas brother but in my letter you will read about what happened to kara, it is sad:(

  4. That last comment was from me, Saige.

  5. She really is a cutie! Did you take all those pictures??
    Btw....I did not take that picture of the family. Twila did. I was thinking it was a different one that you commented on.

  6. Yes, I believe I took them all, Exceot the third, that one was by Mama.



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