What do our names mean??

Ever wonder what your name meant?
well, at http://www.babynames.com/index.php you can find out!!
I guess I'll post what all of our first names mean....but you'll have to do the same! ;-D

Daddy: God is my Judge, Origin: Hebrew

Mama: Brandy means 'Brandy' and the origin is American.

Me: the meaning of Ashley is 'From the Ash tree' and the origin of my name is English.

Evan: in this 'place' it said his name meant 'God is Good' but We've always known 'Evan' to mean 'young Warrior' they said his name's origin is Welsh.

Zeb: Zebediah is a form of Zebedee, and Zebedee means 'Endowed by God' his name's origin is Hebrew.

Shauna: God Is Gracious and the origin is American.

Kyla: again, this website says her name means 'Narrow' but we've known her name to mean 'Beautiful' her origin is American.

Annaruth: Anna means 'Gracious, Merciful' and 'Ruth' means ' Friendship ' so her name together means 'Gracious and Merciful friendship' Both Anna and Ruth are of Hebrew origins,

Benna: Ruby means 'Red Gemstone' but (AGAIN) We've known it to mean 'precious jewel' the origin is English.

My dog: Sabastian means ' Venerable ' and the origin is Greek.

Evan's dog: Ann is the same as Anna, 'Gracious, Merciful'

Kyla's cat: Katie means ' Pure' the origin is English

Zeb's dog: Russel means 'Red' and its origin is English

Shauna's cat, my cat the fish don't count, 'cause they have 'pet' names...and the other animals have 'people' names.

Neat huh??
OK...Hurry up and post what your families names mean (Hannah...you can do it on Xanga!)

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