Is gone......
This morning We found him REALLY beat up, his jaw looked weird,he could not sallow and his tongue was swelling.
through the day his tongue got REALLY big, and extremely red, his mouth was bleeding, and We had to drizzle water in his mouth to keep hom hydrated.
We decided that he had been hit by a car.
then, a few hours ago, I went to give him water, but he wasn't in his normal spot, so I went looking....nothing, Later on Daddy went out to check the food on the grill, and he heard a
Dog wimper, so he too went looking, Me, Evan and Zeb joined him, We looked up the road a bit, still nothing.

Sabastian still has not returned, I have this deep down feeling, that he is not coming back.

Sorry to sound so severe, but, at least, if he is dead, then he isn't hurting.

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  1. Aww.... Poor Sabastian!! :-(



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