Kitten pictures!!

Some of y'all have seen our kittens, even though some of them are like 7 weeks old (sorry....I just keep forgetting to post the pictures!)
A close up of Edgar, or 'kitty' as Benna calls him,
Edgar 'kitty' on left, Todd on left, there was only 3 in there litter and the runt died, leaving just Todd and Edgar. and Todd already has a home awaiting him!!
now these are our three 1 or 2 day olds (ain't they cute??) the white one is Ivory, the B&W one is Blade, cause both of his spots are on his shoulder blades, and the all black one (on the bottom) is Ebony, there was another black kitten, but this Morning he died....so We transferred his (meaning the dead kitten) name to the living black one.

oh..And Ivory also has a home, some Church family is in want of a white cat, so Mama told them they could have ours, now all they need to do is wait until He (the white kitten and the B&W kitten are both males and the all black kitty is a Female) is able to be taken away from his Mum!
to which, Katie, the Mom of the new kittens, is NOT a very good mama cat, but with this litter, for some reason she has been caring for them!!



  1. Siwel Htebazile YllomMay 18, 2009 at 10:03 PM

    awww... you have cute kittens!
    so who are todd's and ivory's new owners?

  2. Thanks for your comment....Siwel! ;-)

    ' can't fool me with that name! HA HA!!'


  3. Todd's soon to be owner is My Aunt Michelle's nephew and Ivory's owners are Mr.Ben & Mrs. Carol.


  4. cute kittens!We have three kittens,and they are getting big but one is adopted he is so cute.

    Do you put videos on your blog? but if you dont I was just asking.



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