Randomly random!

okay...just to let you know....I have got some Really neat pictures to put up, but I am on the laptop and they are on the desk top, so you will have to wait until Tuesday.
Why Tuesday?
'Cause Mama is haveing her grand opening! and she has been working on the computer for the 'big day'!!

Here is her store blog....


and here is her store...


isn't her background on her store so cute??
I think so!

Also, for Memorial day We will be spending it with our friends the Lewis' and My Aunt Peggy's family and Aunt Thelma and Uncle Wayne! Daddy is going to smoke the meat, and for the rest of the menu, I have NO idea what is planned!!;-)

Today Kitty (Edgar) found a new home, this was supposed to be Todd's family, but Daddy brought Kitty because he couldn't catch Todd, so, Kitty has a new home, not Todd.

The three newer kittens have such FAT stomachs!! they are SO cute!!

Mama is going to nominate me from snapping bibs to taking her pictures for her products!!
Evan is going to be the snapper and Zeb is going to do something, and I will be the wonderfully creative photographer!! ;-) I do like my job of snapping so I will still be able to do our bibs and bibs friends bibs, but won't be able to make money off of them.

I found some sort of widow in our Mail box, it has a stripe down it's back, and is smaller then uasalle, but it has a hour glass, I have it in a jar, my new science project!

Okay, We've got friends coming over and I need to make sandwiches, gotta go!!




  1. How many children do your Aunt Peggy have? And what are their names and ages?
    I sure hope it doesn't rain on Monday, if so, then we will all be cooped up in the house! ;-) Oh, and we also invited Mr. Lonnie and Mrs. Alma, and the Bates to our house for Memorial day, so we will definitely have a FULL house!! :-)

    Who’s coming over? I’m just curious, not nosy, just curious!


  2. My Aunt Peggy has 8 children, And I forget all their names and ages, I'm not good at that kind of stuff like you are!
    All I can remember is Jonathan the oldest, he is around 14 or 15, and Sarah, she is about 7-9, somewhere in there, I think.

    Oh, almost forgot to add, it was the Demarco Family, We had their sugar and oats from the co-op.



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