the promised pics!

Here they are!!

the 'smoker'
the three bee boys!!

but only two got into the action.
"You missed one!!"
A job completed!
Zeb has been wanting to keep bees, so he LOVED the experience!
and for Evan it was the best of two worlds!! Bugs...and...FIRE!!

Zeb having his turn to 'spray' Evan ;-)
time to take off the gear boys!!

so....you want the story??

okay, Mrs. Twila was selling some of her Tupperware, so We went over to see what she had,
While We where there the Bee man drove up, The Henry's had a honey bee nest (a small one at that!!) on one of their trees, so he had come to remove it.
This was the second time he had been there to take it off, but, I guess he did not get the Queen so the scavengers came back to the nest and they reproduced!!
so, since We where there, We decided to watch, some how...My Brothers got to help!
Luckily, I had brought My camera Along, and quickly fetched it from the Van,
so, Evan and Zeb donned 'Bee fighter' gear and aided the bee guy,
It was a chilly day, and the bees did not want to move, so the Bee guy and his helpers didn't get stung!
now, Zeb is REALLY wanting to get him some Bees!

But, on the way home We say this REALLY pretty sun set, and My wonderfull Daddy let Me get out and take some pictures....I'll show them to you later....in another post!



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