today is Kyla's b-day!

Today is Kyla's Birthday, Already 6!
I tried to make a cake for her, but it called for egg whites, and I did not know that egg white cakes are much more...oh, whats a word for it?
and when I tried to move it the cake crumbled!
We ate what was left as a snack, but I will have to make her a real Birthday cake before this weekend, that is when We will celebrate her birthday.
She says she want to go to Kids kastle (I know I wrote that wrong...that is how it is written on there sign, so there!!;-) it seems like every time the little girls have a birthday they want to go there, but things interfere and they suit for something like a tea party! (which is fun, and hey! you learn better manners too!).

Lots of love,


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  1. Oh! Please tell Kyla 'Happy Birthday' for us!! Sorry about the cake... I bet it was frustrating to work hard on it, and then it fall apart! And yes, you did write it wrong....not because you spelled it wrong, but because its not called 'Kids Kastle' anymore... its now called 'Pizza Castle' (i don't know if its with a 'C' or a 'K', though) :-)

    Anyway, I hope ya'll doing whatever you end up doing!! :-)


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