I will just chat....after all....aren't blogs online journals? ;-)

there is a book that I really want to buy, it is called 'beyond the past' it is a Amish/Mennonite book. it cost $20.00 from Amazon...and I have a Camera bag to buy as well, so I need to find some way to make $$, of course I am NOT complaining about my 'job' snapping bibs, after all, I do make pretty good $$ through that, but, sad to say, I am Impatient and want to get the money I need (no...want ) quicker. :D

To bad Blogger doesn't have smileys, 'cause I'd use them all the time!!:D

Today I chatted with Hannah and Beth on Yahoo Messenger, which just Chatting on there is fun!

No School today, and there probably won't be any tomorrow for that matter.

I like my New blog background, it is nice and Summery ( have I not said that before??)

Today I didn't write anything...nor did I read any books (I know....just hold back your gasp of surprise) BUT ( see there is that but) I did read a few of some newsletter that popped up in our van....they are Amish/Mennonite newsletters, that is where I found out about ' Beyond the past' from, they had a few chapters of the book in there but right at the MOST EXCITING PART THEY DISCONTINUED IT!! really, who ever gave them to Us skipped half a year, so I wasn't able to finish.

ho hum what to type what to say...

last night We watched 'Star wars: A new hope' only Me, Evan and Daddy stayed awake through the whole movie ( Mama did not watch it)I ,
These were the things
For every hill I had to climb,
For every stone that bruised my feet,
For all the blood and sweat and Grime,
For blinding storms and Burning heat,
My heart sings a grateful song-
These are the things that made me strong!!

For all the heartaches and the tears,
For all the anguish and the pain,
For gloomy days and Fruitless years,
And for the hopes that live in vain,
I do give thanks, for now I know
these are the things that helped Me grow!

'Tis not the softer things in life
Which stimulates Man's will to strive;
But bleak adversity and strife
Do most to keep Man's will to alive
O'er rose-strewn paths the weaklings creep
But brave hearts dare to climb the steep.

A man in a store
A man in a store once wrote on his door,
"I can make a pill that eases every Ill;
I keep A plaster to prevent disaster
also some ointment to soothe Disapiontment.

When customers applied
these words are what he cried;
"Now patience is the pill
that eases every Ill;
take care of the plaster
which prevents Disaster;
Good-humer is an oinment
Soothing Disapointment.

now...there is lots of others...but I have to finesh Supper. will do more later!!

Bye Bye!
see ya later Alligator!


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  1. i read this, and i for once have nothing to say. i just wanted to let you know that I Did Read It!

    :-) ;-) i guess i will say that i do wish we had smileys too!! :-) That would make blogging all the more fun!!


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal