a bit of our stay at the Lewis'!!

We are still at the Lewis home....and last night We had SO much fun!!!

Uncle tony said that if the boys set the tents up, then whoever wanted to could sleep outside,
Me and Molly weren't too enthralled about sleeping in a tent, so We where just joking about how it would be neat if We could bring the TV to Molly's room and watch a movie and stay up late, Moll jokingly mentioned it too Aunt Dana and Mama...and they said Yes!!
first, before We went to watch 'the happiest millionaire' everbody was going to watch 'National Velvet',
plans changed,
the movie was loading WAY TOO SLOW and this 1-2 hour movie was going to take us all night!
so, We popped in a 'Andy griffeth'.
finally Me and Molly where able to watch our movie, We also fixed up some chocolate milk, and JUST as the movie started Annaruth came insid, seeing us watch a movie AND drinking milk made her rather upset
"Why are you girls drinking chocolate milk? I want some!"
Mama talked to her and told her no, so, she went back into her tent.
the movie was 3 hours long, and We turned off lights at 2:45, I went to sleep almost emedantly, but Molly sayed up 'till about 3...so We had a late night, AND got up at 7:30!
We had so much fun!
that was a quick update, Shopping (that story shall come later), staying up late all in one week end!

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