Tell me...

...do you like my B. background??
how 'bout my header?
I'm not sure that I'm CRAZY over it, but I'll leave it up to get a feel of if I DO like it....later on anyway.



  1. First off... what is a "B. background"??

    Second off... I love it!!!! I like your header too!!! :-)

    You did a good job at matching the colors!! And your background is very summery!!

    P.S. There's still one more thing I think you need to change... your signature ... yes the cherries are pretty, but they don't match very well...;-)

  2. ok...B. background is short for 'Blog background'

    yeah...I guess I do need to change it, but I'll wait to do that untill We get home. ;-)



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- Blaise Pascal