Evan...the un happy cow boy.

It is hard to take pictures of Evan!!!
He does NOT like his picture taken! and...he has the most fake smile!

this is his favorite,

but I like this one,
and this one,
hmm....not smiling!

This one is OK, but his eyes are shaded, but not that bad,
See what I mean??? look at that smile!
He likes this one too....wonder if it has something to do with lookin' down the barrel of his pretend gun?
eyes are too shaded....

There is Evan, the cow boy...the un-happy cow boy!



  1. I think I like the third one best... I see what you mean about his smile though... maybe you could try again, but have Zeb out there with you to make him smile...?


  2. Hey! that a good idea!
    I most likely will skip Benna today....so I could 're-do' Evan!
    I'll think on it!


  3. I was looking at these pictures again... Sam and I think that Evan REALLY looks like your Dad in the third picture!! :-)



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