A real blog post, ;-)

well, hello!
construction works is still going on...today our mail lady couldn't get to our house 'cause there was a huge line of dirt, and her car couldn't go over it.
Daddy spoke with the crew, and they think that by the end of next week they might be done with our part of the road!
peace and quiet, it is only quiet in the early mornings, when no one is awake, or the week ends.

Waiting....just waiting until Mama has the baby!! any day now!

Today is Benna's day for picture taking...but because she is sick (yeah, Benna has been running a fever here lately,) I might skip her until she is better, We don't want sick looking eyes, now do We?

I've been writing a story, and I'm debating whether to put it here...what do you guys think?

Today Benna went potty in the toilet for the 3rd time!!! she gets so excited when she goes, and I do too, 1 more step to getting her potty trained for good!

We found this stray dog....or should I say it found us? Sorry that the picture is blurry...but it is hard to a picture of an active puppy, playing fetch!

We've named the dog 'Flora' after the dog on the 'Swiss family Robinson'

I think that is all, for now any way!!



  1. Hey! Good pictures of Shauna and Evan! YES! I think you should put your story up. =)

  2. No... sick eyes are no fun!
    YES!! Post your story!!!

    You have another dog?? Are you gonna try to find a home for her? How old to you think she is?
    Y'all aren't really gonna keep her, are you?! ;-)


  3. we are NOT keeping the dog....
    We are going to put a add in the paper saying We found her, she has a coller.
    The dog is about 6-8 months old....still a puppy.



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