I've gotta post!

I haven't been a good poster,
so, You wanna hear what are life has been like?

*1* Saturday We are going to My Grandparents because family from TN is down, Daddy will be cooking, and I'm thinking of Trying My hand at Family photos!
I've always taken pictures of 1 or 2 people, so this will be different!
instead of worrying over one person you've got to make sure everyone is looking at you,
Everyone is smiling and if one person is swatting a gnat or has a grumpy face, then a whole new picture has gotten to be taken, which, I really don't mind taking TONS of pictures!
*2* Mama says she only has about 10 days left until the Baby comes!!!
everybody is wanting a boy....but I'm sure that another little girl come no one will be upset!
*3* Tomorrow is our milk day, I'm hoping that We can go swimming as well!
it is no way as hot as it could be, but, still, I prefer cooler weather!
*4* I'm still reading 'where the red fern grows' to my siblings....they are Really liking it!!
nothing much has been going on since We've got back from the Lewis', Except We found a Brown widow in the house.... :-O
yeah, We found it on the stove, right out in the open!!
I had gone to the kitchen to cook when I saw this web on the stove, I thought that was odd, since We had just cooked supper the night before on the stove, I got to looking' closer, there was the spider, I looked at its abdomen, since the way the spider was shaped looked like a Brown widow, and there was a Hourglass, I called Mama and she said that is was indeed a widow, but it was a Juvenile, which aren't poisonous, so, We plopped the Brown widow into a jar, and it is sitting on mama's sewing desk, our newest science project!

Well, I belive that is a good, long, post!

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  1. Good luck on the photos!! :-) And have fun!



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