My lastest science experiment

OK, some of my readers may know that We have some pretty weird 'pets'

*1* A corn snake that We took from the wild
*2* right now, only one Brown widow, but We HAVE had more!

Now, these 2 white mice are not (I say NOT) a pet, but snake food, that is allowed to livew awhile longer, I have been testing to see what type of foods they like best,

they DO like:

*1* Grapes, but they eat the inside of the grape first, then eat the skin.
*2* Dry cereal, chocolate flavor.
*3* croutons

They do NOT like:
*1* cheese (odd, ain't it?)
*2* they are OK with raisins, but eat them last,

these are only the beginnings, I will test a bit more with their breakfast tomorrow.

Sorry for the curt post, but I've gotta go help clean up the mess in the bed room :(


  1. Nice ;-) Chocolate cereal?? I didn't think mice could have chocolate... I thought it was too strong for them, or something like that... ???

    PS ok, what is a "curt post"??
    I find myself wondering what that means... ??? ;-)

  2. So....are ya gonna answer? Or are you mad at me?? :-(

  3. Well, they ate it, and three days or so later, their still alive!
    I'm not doing any studying about mice, just my own experiments!



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