I know..I know....

I told someone that I wouldn't change my blog background....I tell you...I went on TCBOTB and told myself "I am ONLY going on to LOOK, I want to see if they have anything new", I should have know, .
I saw this background, and thought "that one is so pretty...I wonder how it would look on my blog??" I put it up, and decided that since it looked so nice, was pretty colors, AND I already had it up, Hey! I might as well keep it! so there you go, that is why I changed my blog Background!

P.S next your gonna tell me to change my signature....well, I'll tell you..."I'll work on it later!!" ;-)



  1. I like it!!

    Now how'd you know I was gonna say something about your signature?? I mean it's not like I ever did anything like that before... ;-D


  2. Oh, I just knew....;-)



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- Blaise Pascal