Hey howdy hey!

Well, so much has happened!

Today We where participants in a fall festival that was held in Cottendale, and next Saturday We'll be there again, come join Us! There was Hay rides, Buggy rides (the Buggy will fit 16 people.. ..snugly! ;-) , there was a pond to fish in, and, of course, since We where there, you can fill up on BBQ! (you did know that We cook BBQ...right?).
We got good business for the first day of the festival, but We would have preferred more, Oh well, it was rather fun! (I think....;-)

Little Ann had her puppies, They are SO cute!!
there are 3 females, and 6 males.
the colors rang from tan, B&W, dark dark brown, Whit-ish tan, and gray! I didn't know dogs could be gray...but this one is!

Mama posted some pictures on her blog of some unusual sized eggs that We have gotten from our chickens..Go take a look! (please!?)

Well, it is 10:03 PM, so good night!!

P.S the reason that I didn't post pictures of the pups and the festival s cause I'm tired, and for some reason the pictures are not wantin' to load...so be satisfied with this...OK?



  1. Thanks for the update! I looked at your Mom's blog yesterday, boy! Have y'all got some messed-up chickens!! LOL! Congrats to Lil' Ann! I can't wait to see pictures of them!
    Please hurry and post all the pictures!! I promise I will try to wait patiently! :-D


  2. hey Ashley, =)
    oh, I want to come and see the puppies....I LOVE puppies....=) go look at my photography blog...(please) =D thanks!
    ~Hannah. R


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