I've been a naughty blogger, Bad, Bad me!

BUT I will tell you what has happened!

~1~ Shauna is now 8! For her Birthday she got:
A cloak (made by Me, the fabric, which was fleece, was picked out by Evan and Zeb)
Two bonnets (From Mama and Daddy)
ten Schleich Horses, She has the Falabella, Hafling Foal, Shetland Mare, Shetland Foal, Percheron Stallion, Percheron Mare, Percheron Foal, Tennessee Walking Horse, Quarter Horse, and a Hafling Stallion.
a couple of Coloring things,
a Apron,
and Money from Nana! Shauna was pretty excited to be able to be able to open a savings account.

~2~ Titus is 4 Months old now, WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!?

~3~ Shauna got Glasses as well, I need to take a picture of her.

~4~ Benna is basically completely potty trained!!! We are all so proud of her!

~5~Yesterday Evan was playing "blacksmith". He found an old ax at Our grandparents house the other day. The handle was broken off, but still had wood in the hole of the head. There was about and inch sticking out, so he was trying to hammer it out. After several strikes, he missed the remaining piece of wood and struck the ax head. Sparks went flying and so did a piece of hammer into his arm. Daddy brought him to the ER that night, and he got an X-ray and there IS a piece stuck in him. Tomorrow He goes back to the hospital to get it out, He is kinda excited, and is looking forward to getting his arm numbed! Boys!

wanna see pictures?

Thats mainly what has been going on around here!

hope you enjoyed!!!


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  1. Poor Evan. I will be praying for him.

    I have some of the Schleich horses too,I just love them!

    Can I see a picture of the cloak you made for Shauna?



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