what I want..

Is a Cricut Expression machine!!!

think, Of all I could do with it, yes, if I can just scramble up the money, then I will get me one!!

I was just watching one go on Ebay, it's starting price was $.99, and it sold for $210.00, now, for a Cricut expression that is CHEAP!
the whole time I was watching it go, I so wanted it! if only....if only.....

So, tonight there is some lucky, Happy person who just bought a Cricut Expression, but, Sadly, that person isn't me....-sigh-.



  1. I hope you get one Ashley!


    PS: You changed your blog, it's nice!

  2. Paige~ Thank you, I hope I get one too, I've already saved up some for it, but not enough to even pay 1/3!


  3. Woah, you're not the only one who wants a Cricut! I got to see how one worked one time, and it made me want one. Could do so much with it in scrap-booking and card making and other great crafty things. ;-) I Hope you get one!


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