Marianna arts festival

First off, HERE is the link.

This year, Me, Evan, Zeb, Shauna and Kyla are going to enter in the student art contest,

Me in Photography, Of course!
Evan in Sculpture, making a re bar knife,
Zeb in Drawing and Sculpture, in sculpture he will either be making a Clay tea light holder (He came up with the design himself!) or a arrow head, that part is yet to be decided,
Shauna in Drawing and Sculpture, in Sculpture Shauna will enter in a Cross with a Clay base, very unique and pretty!
And Kyla in sculpture as well, She will make a stitch marker.

Annaruth Wants to enter, But she isn't quite old enough as of yet.

So Zeb and Shauna are trying to get better with their Drawing, Evan is starting on his Knife, and We are all eagerly waiting 'till April!

OH! Also, Daddy is entering the BBQ contest, and Mama is setting up a booth for her Business, So all of Us, excluding the three youngest children, Will be involved with The festival!
This is going to be SO much fun!!


  1. We are all pretty excited about the MAF too!! I think Caleb through Elijah or maybe Isaac are gonna enter it in our family! :-)

    May I ask why are y'all "eagerly waiting 'till March"???


  2. Oops, Sorry Molly, I got the Date wrong, but I fixed it!

  3. That sounds exciting! Wishing I could be there with you all!!



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