I've tried the thing I thought I would NEVER try!

...Yes, I have.....I've tried it.
I've tried SUSHI! :-D It wasn't TOO bad, and it DID NOT have raw fish in it, I'm not THAT brave, (yet....) But it did have Sea weed in it.....you could tell it was sea weed!

And ya know, next time We go to that restaurant, I'll try a new kind of Sushi....it wasn't too bad.....


  1. Yuck!! LOL! I've never tried it, and don't EVER want to!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it though! (Not really, but I thought it would be a nice thing to say!! LOL!)


  2. oh, I like sushi!! especially the kind with lots of cream cheese. =D the seeweed is kind of gross though. =/ the ones with fake crab are good. =)

  3. Ewwwiiieeee!!!! It tastes like rotten food! I've tried it like 4 or 5 times and it is NASTY!!!!
    Heehee but go you! Each to their own I guess! Did your dad eat any??

  4. I've always wanted to try Sushi. I think I'll try to find a good recipe for some =) I've tried raw fish before, it's alright.


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- Blaise Pascal