This an' that, that an' this...

We FINALLY named our grown-up Guineas..... The female~ Kinfe, meaning 'wing' in African,(she has one white feather on each wing tip) and the male~Zareb, Meaning 'Guardian' in African (they are birds that originated in Africa...why not name them such?).
Also....don't think I told y'all this...We had to get rid of Sarge...the poor puppy, He killed one of our Guineas (that is the reason We only have 2 Guineas), so a lady that works at Daddy's office took him, I felt so sorry for Sarge, He didn't want to go with her when We got there, Zeb had to carry him to her truck, :-(.
We are trying to hatch a Chicken egg, The boys have it under a heat lamp in their room, I'm not positive it'll work....
Titus is growing.
and I don't like it.
I have picked out my Pictures for the MAF (short for Marianna arts festival)!!! Will show later!
Reading 'To kill a mockingbird' to the boys, and 'Little house in the big woods' to the girls.
We got a new storage shed!! it is for our BBQ supplies, as well as Mama's Sweet marmalade Booth supplies as well..I tell you, with Our nice BOSE speakers, Watching movies on family night in there is AWESOME!!

O.K, now I've gotta go, I'm falling asleep here...Good-night!!


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