The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... brown, dead grass (can anybody deliver rain please?) dry birdbath, a dusty road and a nice fallish breeze.

I am thinking... That I am sick and tired of having head aches!!!!

I am thankful for...  Tylenol.

From the kitchen... 
kinda clean if you over look the floor that needs to be swiffered, or better yet, scrubbed!

I am wearing...   My tan/corral/ brown/cream shirt with a almost ever present jean skirt (can't go wrong with denim!)

I am creating... am I creating anything? oh, I'm writing, but THAT isn't new is it.
I am going... to deposit $$ in the bank, We are changing our poor, worn out tires at Wally world....and is that it?

I am reading...     'Anne's house of dreams', again.

I am hoping... To have a dentist app. this week.

I am hearing... Evan telling me to get off.

Around the house...We, we are around the house :-P.

One of my favorite things... books ♥

A few plans for the rest of the week: We plan on going to the a seminar tomorrow, and walk with the P.s sometime this week. 

Here is picture  I am sharing...

Evan wants to play Candy stand, so I have no time to post a picture, he is pulling my hair with tweezers and is looking over my shoulder.

My SIggy

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