Hmaburger and Red

Our two newest editions!  'Hamburger' the Calf and 'Red' the dog/puppy.

Red just showed up one day, We think she might have been left here, But whoever her last owners were, they took good care of her, She smelled nice, like she had been an indoor dog, and her coat is shiny and smooth. We didn't plan on keeping her,but she 'adopted' us. Red follows Titus EVERYWHERE he goes outside (which Mama really liked) and she looks like she may have a bit of red bone hound in her, plus has already shows her eagerness for hunting (which Evan REALLY likes! Evan has LONG wished for a hunting dog) and on top of it all, is plain out a good, lovey dog! (which I really like!  ;-D)

And now to Hamburger. We got him from a local dairy, and plan on butchering him when he gets big enough. Mama assigned him to Evan for bottle feeding, since I would get WAY to attached to him.
That is the two newest animals, hopefully soon We can get more chickens and as soon as Hamburger is about 5-6 months old, We plan on getting another bull calf.

Oh, Something else that is wonderful about Red is that she is a good guard dog, and even though she likes tracking and chasing deer, she doesn't bother our birds!

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