Can I do this? is it possible to win? is it worth my time? Will I finish the plot in time? Hmmm.....

OH! you must be wondering why I am talking to myself, are you not?
I'll say it like Mr. Jaggers would from great expectations....

Imagine this case, A girl who loves to write got a interesting magazine last year that was giving a $1,000 award to the person who could write the best story. Now, imagine that the girl didn't get her story submitted, for the time was scarce. Imagine how upset she was. Do you follow Pip (or, I mean to say, readers)?
Now, the very same girl, just checked the mail, the very same magazine is offering the very same prize, do you still follow?  Imagine now, the girl so excited, the girl with many plots just running through her dazed brain. Now I cease to be Mr. Jaggers.


I'll do it, I'll try it, (and hopefully....) I'LL WIN IT!

Here is the link, cuz I be a cheerful chap, and whosoever would like to compete, well, why not?

NOW. to work!

My SIggy

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