Such a very fun post!

{1} It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite book, so what are your top THREE favorite books ? (other than the Bible :D)

Top three?.....hmm.....Shadows and secrets from Mrs. Chautona, Sherlock Holmes and Great expectations.

{2} Who is your favorite heroine from literature? (if you need to list more than one, that's fine)
Anne of Green Gables, Love her funness (I made that word up), Dove from Shadow and secrets (honestly, you have just GOT to read that book, perfect combo of fantasy and medieval-ness),

{3} Who is your favorite hero from literature? (see above note)
I have 2 favorite heroes...Sherlock Holmes And Magwitch from Great expectations.

{4} Who is your favorite author?
Oooh....hard one....
I just LOVE how Harper Lee (to Kill a mocking bird) makes you feel as if Scout is right beside you telling her story, (plus, she is southern...a fellow confederate!) Then I can't help but add L.M Montgomery to my list, she makes Anne SO real! David Feldman begs to join as well, not as a novel writer, but as a down-right-funny-these-are-the-facts guy! Louisa May Alcott too...She makes the March girls and Jo's boys so real and homey like, and sometimes Marmee seems like you could just take all your troubles to her, don'it? Charles Dickens is close (if not at) the top of my list too.

{5} What is your favorite type of book to read?
Historical fiction and fantasy/medieval over here!! But I'll take a good ol' mystery too (no phony "Mandie" or "Nancy Drew" please though! I want Watson and Holmes!)

{6} If you could be a character from literature for one day, who would you be? Why?
I'd be in 'Great expectations", I can't help but want to watch Magwitch on his Sheep farm, making Pip a gentleman. I would love to go dragon watching with Phillip and Dove from 'Shadows and Secrets'...And If only I could see Sherlock's face as he ponders a case...ahh! books, they kinda claim ya, don'they?

{7} What type of reader would you call yourself? Are you an avid reader, passive reader, or even a non-reader??
Avid. No doubt.

{8} Do you like reading aloud?
Not to much, I can't make Characters come 'alive' enough. But I have 7 siblings who either like me to read to them, or haven't yet gotten there. So, I do plenty of  'loud reading'.

{9} Do you like mystery stories?
As long as Sherlock Holmes is the detective.

{10}All of us have read a book at some point or another and disliked the way it ended or who married who, etc. What book(s) bother you like that, and what would you change about them?

No, I've been pretty satisfied, I'm sure there HAS been one, but I just can't remember it. SO couldn't have been too bad. Well, wait a sec'...I used to not like how one of the Misty of Chinqutienk books ended, but it has been so long, that I forget what I didn't like and what book it was! LOL!

{11} Just like books, it's *very* hard to pick a favorite movie. What are you top THREE favorite movies?
Star wars, Evelyn, Fiddler on the roof (HATE pirates of the Caribbean...I was only 8-10 when I watched that, and it gave me bad dreams...). I have just got to put two more....That is faith like Potatoes and The Princess Bride.

{12} When it comes to movie adaptions of books, are you a purist or do you not mind changes to the storyline?
I like them to keep to the story plot, no removing of Characters please. But there are some changes that are good. Personally, I don't like to watch movies that I have read in book form. Which is why I've no desire to watch the Sherlock Holmes movie.

{13} What is your favorite book-to-movie adaption?
Look above, I don't think I've got any.

{14} What is your favorite type of movie to watch?
Musicals. Movies that make me cry. I might be weird. Am I?

{15} Do you like to watch movies with the lights off or on?
OFF! do not turn lights on, I can't see otherwise.

{16} DVD or VHS?
DVD. But my favorite of all time is off of Netflix, not DVD scratches, or rewinding the tapes, just click, load and watch (after the popcorn is popped)

{17} When you watch a movie, would you rather watch it straight through or skip around to your favorite scenes?
Watch it straight through. Why would you skip? That doesn't make sense.

{18} Subtitles?
Not the whole movie, just when I can't hear what they are saying, I turn the subtitles on.

{19} Do you make comments and ask questions during a movie, or sit in complete silence?
After I've watched it a couple of times I start asking Q. but not the first, or maybe even second go round.

{20} If you could be in any movie (whether it's already been made or not) which movie would it be? Who would you want to be and why?
I'd be Padme from Star wars, Estella from Great expectations (odd, I've never cared much for her, but I think it would be fun to play her), and if my stories where ever made into a movie, a few of my loves from those!

This was SO much fun! Books....Books, My windows, my dreams.  Then add movies! ah, my two favorites! <3.
Got it off of this blog.
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