Our Poor calf!

Our poor, poor calf!
We had plans to keep him tethered until he was old enough to pasture. Then we'd planned to let him run with the horses. So, this morning, me and Evan put his concrete blocks and chain out beside one of the hay bales out there.
All seemed well, the Horses payed him no attention, but continued to eat.
So, we left and kep't on with our day.
About 30 min. to an hour later, Zeb went out to hang clothes on the line. The horses where gathered around him and where trying to kick him, but, due to his shortness and their tallness, it wasn't working, so, as one, Those 8 horses turned 'round and trampled him.
Zeb saw the calf try to stand up, then toppled back down.
He ran out there and brought him out of the pasture. Hamburger had bright red blood coming out of his nose, and was wobbly. Evan came out and Zeb told him had happened. Evan called Mama, and I soon followed out. His breathing was heavy, he was bleeding a good deal out of his nose, he had his head low down and kept closing his eyes. Mama called Daddy (He is out of town, why do things always happen when he is away?) and Daddy said that he thinks Hamburger has a broken rib, and that it pierced a lung (bright red blood is the blood that is in the lungs). Evan just inspected him, and yup, He can feel where the lung is broke.
So, We just put him in his kennel (he has a dog house inside a big dog run), and hope he will live. He seems to be looking up, slightly. His bleeding has slowed down, and he is a little more 'perky'.
Hope he lives. poor guy. He isn't my favorite animal, he knows that, I've told him so. But, I still don't like to see an animal suffer, unless it is a rat or mouse being fed to corn pops (our 4 foot Rat snake).
So, that is the adventure of the day! As the Jonathan park audio tapes says We "live the adventure!"

My SIggy

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