Song snipits I love

" Do I favor my savior? take after my master the one that I love? Is it easy to see, Jesus in me?"

"May God rearrange the things that must change to cause me to be like my savior"

"God will turn you test into a testimony, teach that your trails may be blessings in disguise, Your
valleys will be filling with the fragrance of the lily."

"Mrryre is mine, its bitter perfume breaths a life of gathering gloom, sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying, sealed in a stone cold tomb"

"To rock the mountain you can testify!"

"Let my life so shine as Christ is portrayed, I trust that my discion will lead others to the way"

"what would Jesus do in the circumstance?"

"When every day is through, I hope I have done what Jesus would do"
"Prayer is a powerful weapon that keeps us from tumbling down and down and ddooownn"

"And its always better yet, when someone sings along so two of us can know about God's love"

My SIggy

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  1. Hey Ashley!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog:). Oh, no--the pictures/collages I posted of those characters are from my unfinished novel. I used real actors and actresses to portray them. I hope one day it could get turned into a movie, though!:D



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