Houses, and moves and landlords..OH MY!

Ever felt like SO much has happened to you, it is just Impossible to fit in one respectable length blog post? If your answer is "yes" then you know how I feel, if you answer happens to be a "no" then You just need to wait until it happens to you! Here is that latest 'adventure' of our life!

Who likes a move? Who likes to be finely settled in your nice, spacious house, and your landlord decides he want it back?  Who? come'n...anybody?
So there you have it, our most recent predicament!
Mr. H. M. (Mr. Landlord) Drove up and said that he wants his daughter to move in, and we need to be out by 2/1/11, but his daughter (who is actually the real owner of the house, but her father tends to everything for her) said that if we cant find something, she can post pone it for April 2011. We had no idea WHAT we where going to do. Mama and Daddy had discussed moving to TN, but the timing isn't right,  maybe in a year or two. Daddy talked it over his boss (who used to be our neighbor and elder to the church we used to attend) and the president of Daddy's work (He is a elevator sales man) owns a house/office, (well, really it is a office, but the way it was built was that of an house, Shower, full kitchen, etc) and he said that We could move into that if nothing else came up. We checked it out, and decided it would work, and so Daddy talked it over to the President of the company, and the rent would be almost half of what we are paying now! The few hiccups are that since it was an office, there are 3 bathrooms, but only one shower (the boss had a stand up shower/sink off his office), There are 7 rooms, but they have a funny shape, from an aerial view, the building is a perfect hexagon! We have to share the area with a daycare, which will seem weird at first, seeing how we haven't had to deal with neighbors in almost 7 years! So, that being that, We will probably go with that, and start moving in as soon as possible. Again though, this isn't forever, (I have to remind myself that often, the kitchen is painfully small, bright side to it though, the coloring in the kitchen will make it possible for us to have a nice, retro, 50s kitchen design!) someday in the near future, will will probably find ourselfs in a U-haul headed toward Tennessee!

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