Book love- A review

For my first ever book review (so bear with me!) I decided to do 'Pat of Silver Bush'.

:Back of the Book:
No place like home.
Patricia Gardner loved silver bush more than anything else in the world. She was born and raised in the beautiful, old-fashioned house on Prince Edward island in a world "Where things always seem the same" and good things never change.
But, of course, things do change-for better and for worse-at silver bush, starting with the arrival of Pat's brand-new baby sister. Then there is Pat's bout with scarlet fever, Her first romance, her aunt's wedding and her Mother's illness.
Through it all Pat shares her experiences with her dear friends, Bets Wilcox and Jingle Gordon and the amazing, mysterious, Old Judy Plum. And along the way she finds the one thing that truly never changes: the beauty and peace she will always find at Silver Bush-the house that remembers her whole life.

:My thoughts:
I think Pat is slightly unreal. Okay, more than slightly. I have never met or heard of a person who hates (H.A.T.E.S) change as much as she does. And I found myself wanting to shake her a few times as well.
But, through it all, I kinda liked the story. It made me want to cry at a few places as well as laugh. I think it is worth reading just for Judy Plum as well (Irish attract though).

Judy Plum is such a original person, I truly loved her.
There is a hint of teaching in it, for me anyway, to recognize that change isn't all that bad. Even if it looks like the end of the world, you can always find the good to everything.

Pat is rather unrealistic.
she is pretty Stupid, I think.
And this is definitely not L. M Montgomery's best.
The two people that I wanted to get married didn't....but I'm still hoping there is a sequel I haven't discovered yet.

All in all, I rate the 4 stars. For engaging plot, Judy Plum and teaching that Change is good, and to find the best in everything (and there is no place like home!)

I am linking this up to Hannah's book love.

Whats in your bookshelf today?

P.S I did a bit a amazon lookin' and there is a sequel! (Mama, my birthday is coming up! -hint hint) 
Mistress Pat


  1. Thanks for linking up, Ashley! Hmm, this book sounds so familiar; I think I may have heard about it from another blogger. Lovely review!


  2. Great review, Ashley! I liked it a lot; I have never even heard of this book before, so I will add it to my to read list. ;)

  3. Hi Ashley,

    I don't think I've ever visited your blog before. I wanted to thank you for following my blog... I'm appreciate it!

    I also took part in Hannah's "Book Love" blog hop (posted my review today). I liked your review! I've heard of the Pat books before, but never read them. My favorite from L.M. Montgomery are the 3 Emily books actually. The Anne books are pretty special too.

    ~ Tarissa


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