!!The promised update!!

Okay, hiya. Nice to have me back, huh?
So, what'sup here other than moving and forming a wonderful post about moving, (but all the pictures for that very interesting post are on my memory card which, due to the VERY annoying fact that there is banana in the memory card reader and there for that reason I can't insert my loaded card! whoever gave Titus that Banana anyway?!?)?

-1- I got my 'The Life of A Christian Girl'!  My friend Joanna A. is the editor of this amazing magazine for christian girls, I would recommend you signing up today! I am one of the columnists...which makes me rather happy at having my own column!

The one on top is the newest one, the bottom is the first one. (my photography is on the recent issue's cover!)
random article.
Scrumptious recipes!!
Another friend's article.
MY column.
 An article about friendship, it was very encouraging...as I am having a friend problem right now.
(sorry it is at a crazy tilt) poems. I, regretfully, hadn't time this go round for any of my works in it.
Amazing, encouraging quotes.
This is what the next issue will be about.

Book review.
Horsey goodness.

Guest article.

Wanna join up as reader, writer or photographer? Jo is on the look out! Shoot her a comment at:   

-2- I lost a Photo contest. Oh well.

-3- I am currently writing a story at
But I think most of you know that. I am already on chapter 6, and still VERY much in love with my wonderful 'cast'. Which is a new thing for me!

-4- I moved, but, oh, wait a minute, they know that.

-5- I am running about new things that happened to us. Bummer.

Okay, that is really all there is for know, Moving has taken up A.L.L OUR TIME!!   So life has been busy, but with the same sorta stuff.
As afore said, As soon as the banana in the card reader is cleaned out, you will have a picture post about the joys and tasks and sorrows of moving!

TTFN- Ta Ta For Now.


  1. Glad you liked my post. I wish I had taken that picture! No, I found it by typing in "snowflake pictures". It was on a website that told about snowflakes.

  2. That was really neat how you did those photos! Thanks for posting ;)


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