Etsy spotlight

Etsy time again!

Here are my hearted faves:

From Crimson King
Lightsaber earrings! The only thing to make'em better is if  they were RED! (I'm a Darth Vader girl)

From Gr0glmann
These would go PERFECTLY with those saber earrings!

From Rover Dog
awww....isn't it cute?? (The dog AND the jacket)  Ella would look fab in it! If only it wasn't a wallet flattening price of $80! 

From Hearts4ever

DARTH VADER!!  I am a freak for this character! (and Padme)

These are my recent hearts on the fabulous place of Etsy....I love that place.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I need those lightsaber earrings. They're Anakin ones, too. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. I NEED the lightsaber earrings!!!!!!

  3. ah those light saber earrings and neckalce are awesome! haha I want themmm!! :D

  4. That dog and jacket is just entirely TOO CUTE. It gave me a smile today!

    Your new blog title is wonderful! I will be glad to say it with a British accent, because I like saying a lot of things with a British accent.

    How SMASHING! And da'ling! *wink*


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