Simple Woman's Daybook.


Outside my window... Warm.  I feel sorry for you Northern folks!

I am thinking...    I need to type out my books.

I am thankful for...  A good mother.

From the kitchen... 

I am wearing...   Jeans and My long shirt.

I am creating... wellll....I should be making 2 I-spy-bags and three blocks.....but, uh, I'm not. But I should be....
I am going... Nowhere.....well, tomorrow I will be going to a surprise birthday party, hosted by US!

I am reading...   Nothing.  I'm waiting on a new book-load.

I am hoping... Ttype up my book (s) tomorrow, if I can find time.
I am hearing...  The AC.

Around the house...school. school. school.

One of my favorite things...Flowers. I think Flowers are God's gift to photographers.

A few plans for the rest of the week:....... The Surprise party,  I hope to be able to get my photography website and etsy up this week, um...I hope to get my books this week as well.

Here is picture  I am sharing...
 I'm gonna share more then one, if'n you don't mind....

 I have got a couple of pictures of this Lil girl, this is only one. She was so cute, and, is my cousin!

 This is Number one...do you like it or....
Number two better?

NOW...there will be a LOT of these, so just tell me which is the one you love the best:

Okay, I wont hamper you with more photography...Bye for now!


Ta Ta For Now.


  1. Last one! Ohhhh I love, LOVE, LOOOOVEEE the last one!!

  2. Ashley-
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! The website is cleanplaydvds.com.
    That website has just about any movie edited, and they also run sales and promotionals a lot.

  3. I absolutely love your blog! Just what i've been looking for
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  4. Your photo edits are stunning. GREAT JOB!


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