My friend is awesome. Period.

I met Joanna only a few months ago.  I hadn't met her IRL yet,  but we met via email.  We worked on a magazine that she had started (with others, of course!).

When we got to FINALLY meet, I was so happy!

My birthday was on the 11th, as I said earlier.  Can you guess what my awesome friend got me? 

Well? can you?


Joanna bought this for me!!!!

She saw I had liked it, and bought it for me!!

I own something from Flukestore!!!

Jo is on the left, with Caleb, her incredible crazy (LITTLE) brother on the right.

Yes, My friend is awesome.♥ awesome. ♥Awesome.♥ Incredible.♥ Sweet.♥ Fun.♥ awesome♥. Did I say that already? I'll just say it again. AWESOME!

If you don't have a friend like I do, I pity you. 

♥I own something from Flukestore!


  1. Aww you got to meet one of your internetz friends? You lucky duck! I would give anything to get to meet Amaranthine, Leia, Jed~Chick, you, or Barris! *sigh* One day.

    Oh and Endor's not on that list cause I know her already. xD She was one of my IRL friends before internet friends.

    And that jacket is ADORABLE!! Where'd she get it?

  2. That's cool you got to meet her in real life! Shaynie (from the Book Blog, but you knew that =D) is one of my best friends, and I'm really hoping we'll get to meet someday. :) That's a cute jacket, by the way!

  3. That whole post made me happy! :D I'm glad you like it, I just wanted to try to show you how awesome YOU are! ;)

  4. Wow!! You met an internet friend? That is so awesome! Like Qui said, I'd love to meet mine.

    -Leia <3

  5. Ashley, I'm not sure if you got my other comment or not. Do you still want to participate in my Pay-it-Forward? If you do, please comment on my blog with your email so I can get your address to mail out your gift.

  6. Happy Birthday Ashley!!! I knew your birthday was in Feb. but I didn't know when. Hope you had an amazing day! =)

  7. Awwww, I love your whole post about Joanna! She is a totally awesome friend!! :) Her brother is pretty awesome too. :P


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