photography O' mine

 Lady Ruthie of the Lake....
 Do you like 1....
.....Or 2 better?
 again, 1 or 2?
My sisters are such great models!
 A bottle of wine....
 And a bouquet of Tulips.
 A string of pearls....

That is all for now...

Loves: A.


  1. Oooh, such LOVELY pictures! I actually like #2 on both sets.

    Now, in answer to your question on my blog (about "Sharing Our Bookshelves")... yes! Linking up to your novel will be perfectly wonderful. And awesome to top it up.

    Feel free to link up any of your book-related posts!

  2. Wow! Your sisters are just gorgeous!

  3. The first one is definitely my favorite! But all of them are great!

  4. You're so talented at taking pictures! I try, but I feel so amateurish after I see pictures like yours.
    What kind of camera do you have?

  5. for the ones of Ruthie, I like the 1st one best..and for the ones of Shauna, it's really really hard...I think I like the 1st one better, but the 2nd is really good too...your pictures are so cool...they're very unique ;]


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