what came in the mail today?

I won this from Polka dot @ 'Life Is Too Short Not to Wear Red Shoes'  It is SO SUPER CUTE!!  I love the detail of the little 'sprinkles' on it. Darling. Simply Darling.
PLUS there was an added pendent in there, the pictured doughnut is Chocolate colored with pink 'icing', there was an added vanilla colored doughnut with white icing...I was so thrilled to have two yummys to hang there!

THIS is who Polka Dot's sponsor was for this one item...Great job! wonderful detailing! and all around cuteness!

I will certainly try to get her to be a sponsor of my upcoming 'event'!

What came in your mail today?


  1. I saw that you won that necklace at the giveaway!! Congrats!

    I don't know WHAT we got in the mail today. =P Probably nothing.

    -Leia <3

  2. Ooh, what a yummy looking necklace! :D

    Nothing came in my mail. :(

  3. Such a pretty necklace!!

    I always look forward to getting the mail everyday. Recently, I got some Hershey’s Drops Candy in the mail, from a giveaway I had won (there were like 30 winners!) --anyway, I was glad that it was really cold out, so that the candy didn't melt during shipment. =)

    Hope you enjoy your darling new necklace!


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