Everything and Anything

Have you ever felt like there was so much to blog about, yet, at the same time, so little?  If so, you know how Miss I is feeling, if not...Lucky you.

Random 1
I hurt.  I walked nearly 2 miles today...and ache up and down.  BOY am I in bad shape!  I think bad knees run in our family though...so maybe I can skirt the issue that a 2 hour grocery trip in wal-mart makes me hurt like crazy in my knees....

Random 2
I have SO much pics to post on here....some that I need to edit, and some that I don't.  This never ahead in the bloggy world is getting to me...

Random 3

Playing writing is harder then real writing...I was helping to write a play/movie, but I am out of it.  It is HARD!!

Random 4
I like Rainy days.

(thanks to my Lil Sister Kyla for braving the lightning and thunder to be my rainy day model!)
Random 5
Abby over at 'his Sparrow' is having a giveaway! HERE it is.  HURRY! it ends 4-1!
Random 6
I want some goats.  Nubians with loooong ears....Boer with their red and white markings, and fainting goats.  I love goats.

Well, folks....Like my Random ramblings?

What would you rather, a Blog post WITH pictures that will be somewhat delayed, OR a blog post WITHOUT pics that will be sooner?


  1. Without pics is fine with me. I have been wondering where you've been! :D I just love your new header picture!

  2. I want fainting goats too! The people right up the road have some, I've been trying all month to get them to faint when I walk down the dirt road where they "live" heheh =]

  3. Hehe Love the post. ;D

    Oh, without pictures will be fine! =)

    -Leia <3


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- Blaise Pascal