I don't know what to call this post.

I have thought, and pondered, and wondered on what to name this post.  Then, finally decided, "Blah it all, I will name it just that!"
So, I call it: "I don't know what to name this post".

Now. on to the real stuff.

My most favorite authoress EVER has a blog, and on it, she had posted that she wished she could make some of her books into movies.  I said that if she did, I would LOVE to be Dove (one of the main characters in that book).  I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, LOVE,  Dove.  I do.

I also jokingly suggested in a comment that she should make T-shirts with sayings like "Team Dove" or "#1 Dove fan, fight me for the title" on them.  I wasn't truly serious...but I thought it would still be cool.

The other day, I opened up the mail box, there was a boring type thing for Mama and Daddy, a letter for me (JOANNA!) and a package for me.

First thought: "Wow, that book got here really fast, I just placed the order last night!"
Second thought: "Wait a second, this couldn't possibly be the book, it was past work hours when I ordered it"
So, I picked up the package, and here the third thought enters my head: "This isn't a book. It is fabric feeling...I didn't order anything with fabric".

I brought the package in, and hastily tore it open.  Grey fabric stared up at me.
"Sweat pants?" I thought.



Mama is on a chat board with Mrs. Chautona, so she asked Mama for my size.  She ordered me a shirt from Vista print, and (Mama also gave her our address) sent it off to me. ME! ME! I HAVE A DOVE SHIRT!!!!

Can you tell I am, like, SUPER excited?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Oh, you want to see it?  SURE!


Okay, so yeah. I wore it once it was washed (as my brothers told me "Rick n Bubba could wear it" blah brothers ) and shrunk a bit.  It was so darn comfy.  I love my Dove shirt.  I really can't wait to flaunt it.  That isn't nice of me...but....well...I do.

Oh, the great books
that has Dove as a character are these:
Shadows and Secrets
Cloaked in secrets
Beneath the Cloak ~ This book is still in the works.

Oh, and Dove isn't a real Dove.  It is just her name. She is a....well....nobody but Mrs. Havig knows what she is yet! She wears a cloak and doesn't let ANYBODY see her without it.  SO, I have my speculations about what she is...but I wont tell.

I am DYING to read and find out what Dove is!!!!

Who cares about those 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' shirts? (I have a BIG problem against the twilight series, BTW) I own a 'Team Dove' shirt!!!!!!


  1. That is reeeally awesome! *sigh* =D

  2. That's really cool, Ashley. ;) I like your glasses a lot!

  3. @ Jojo:

    @ Shaynie:
    I like them too!

  4. Wow, that was cool. Oh, and I love your new blog design (and most of all the picture at the top of your blog!) :) I hope I get to see your family soon. I miss ya'll! :D

  5. So glad you like it. My Jenna and her friend Hannah are demanding shirts too. Hee hee.


  6. I've never heard of these books before, they must be pretty new. Did a search on Amazon and they're pretty tough to find and not many reviews. But it's nice when you can really enjoy a series of books. I do like the Twilight series, fantastic writing and she's an inspiring author in the fact that her first book was such a sucess. She went from being a wife and mother to a well known author.
    I enjoyed reading your blog, am now officially a follower and shall check out your other two! xx


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