Movies I have seen recently, and my thoughts.

Giant. More then a western. More then a romance. More then an action.
It stars Jimmy Dean, Rock Hudson and THE Elizabeth Taylor.
A very
big moral I found in it was, Riches don't make you happy.
All the actors were wonderfull.
I LOVE this movie now.
It was so sad how Mexicans were treated.
You'll love it if you only watch it!

Never mind it was almost 3 hours long....Photobucket

I liked it. If only Elizabeth Taylor was as moralistic as she was in movies.....

 Sorry they are so tiny, :-/.

Next is Temple Grandin!

"My name is Temple Grandin. I'm not like other people. I think in pictures and I connect them."

Know someone who is Autistic?  Sibling, friend, ect?  This movie was amazing.  The actor did SO well of Ms. Grandin, she is amazing!
I have a few siblings who aren't Autistic, but still have learning problems. Thi shelped me see into their minds SO well.  I think if you are going to work with autistic children/people, you should watch this!

 The actor and the person.

 Again, my picture source will only let my have pics this size.  Stinky.

What movies have YOU watched recently?


  1. Giant sounds good! I'll have to see if our library has it! If it has Elizabeth Taylor I'm sure it does.......hee.

    I haven't watched many movies lately.....

  2. Oh, I saw Temple Grandin recently and I thought it was super good!


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