I decided it was high time for another giveaway on here.  Don't you kinda agree?

SO!  Today, (or tonight, whichever you prefer...) I have something super star wars, something any star wars fan would go gaga over....I have.....

{Pause for effect}


Wish I was you right now.  Really. I do.

Our wonderva sponsor is:
Venus from     Hippopotamus Pie.


Oh, you want to know how to win?  It's easy!

~  Be a follower via google/blogger here AND heart Venus' shop~

{Extra points}
~Post on Twitter/Facebook about this giveaway and make sure it contains link~
~Blog about this; make sure link is included!~
~Heart your favorite item on her shop, and leave a link here with what it is~
~Answer these questions ~

*Who is your favorite star wars character?

*What would you like to see as a giveaway item next? It could be from anywhere. It could be anything.  

Okay gals/guys! Have a go at it!

Oh, and 1one1 more thing... This giveaway is open to CA/USA readers only. That is, unless you want to pay shipping costs.  Sorry other folks!

ETA:  It ends May 31 2011.


  1. I hearted venus and I follow you!

  2. Qui-Gon is my favorite star wars character, followed very very closely by Han. :)

  3. I follow you but i don't have an etsy so i can't heart it...


  4. My favorite character is princess leia!

    The next giveaway should be a ring or necklace from the shop CreativeKates or Sweet and Simple Designs.


  5. Okay, I favorited her shop, and I follow you!

    My favorite Star Wars character is Mara Jade Skywalker. Closely followed by Anakin Skywalker or Artoo Detoo. xD

    As for future giveaways, I'd like/love ANYTHING Star Wars!!!!! :D LOL!

  6. I follow you and hearted to shop. I blogged about it look here: www.geekystuffilove.blogspot.com My fave item is here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/68507250/may-the-force-be-with-you-blue

    my fave SW character is Obi-Wan and another giveaway iten I want to see is anything Star Wars or Lord of the Rings!

  7. Don't have an etsy.
    But I followed you because of your epicness. :D

  8. I am a follower and I hearted her shop!!

  9. *Who is your favorite star wars character? CHEWBACCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *What would you like to see as a giveaway item next? It could be from anywhere. It could be anything. Jewelry. ;)

  10. Hearted my fave item:


  11. I follow you and heart her shop!!!

  12. I hearted my favorite item. It's the blue ;lightsaber earrings.

  13. My favorite star wars character is either Anakin Skywalker or, Padme Amidala!

    Then, the next giveaway should be for earrings!!!


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