:That's a lot of hair"

I watched TANGLED last night.  Did I LOVE it? Way YES!!!

I came pretty close to crying, again, in an animated movie.  Disney just showed SO much emotion in this one!!

 I used (meaning before I watched the movie) that it was tragic that Rapunzel's hair turned brown....but I feel differently now.  I dunno why...it just, UGH! can't explain myself.  Oh well. Hopefully you know how I feel.

Rapunzel's hair was BEYOND awesome!!!!!!!    Wouldn't EVERY girl just go crazy to have hair like that? 

 Flynn. So very much different from Disney's other 'Prince Charmings' that you just HAVE to love'im, right?

Mother Gothel.  I like Bad guys, and they are usually more interesting then the good ones, but when you watch the movie, you just despise her so much. KWIM?

I just loved it.  And DO plan on re-watching it.  Yup.  No doubt about it!


 Oh, and isn't Pascal SO cute?!?!?

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  1. I wish I would have known you were almost crying! :P


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