Strawberry Outing

TO prove that I DO do more then school and blogging nonsense here....Look!

There is a local U-pick (Named that cuz, well, you pick!) farm that sells strawberries April-June.  We got there a little late, and the berries were small and scarcer. Last year we went, we filled 3 boxes in about 10 minutes, this year, it must have been close to an hour or two.  But we did get those boxes sorta filled.   And they DO let you eat as you pick, just as long as you PICK and BUY more then you EAT. They teasingly told us that they weigh you BEFORE you go in the fields, and then when you leave they were going to weigh us again.  Yeah..right.

But despite their small-ness, these little red fruits were super sweet!  And yummy.  and hard to pick more and buy then eat.  :-D

Red and round (ish).
Ever wonder what a strawberry flower looks like?
It was a little more then overgrown, but here are some of the picker team!
"Slow going?" ~Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride~
To eat or not to eat?
Titus about to devour a GREEN berry. He liked the green ones better, for some reason, then the red ones.  Weird child.
AND in the mouth it goes.
"Was it good bubby?" 
Ok, so maybe he'll try a red one this time.....
Ruby was a very good picker!  She would ask mama, "Is this a good one?" and once she got the 'yes', in the mouth it went.  Hey, I didn't say she was a good 'putter-in-the-boxer' and she WAS a good picker!
Poor shrunken strawberry!
Our kinda, maybe, sorta filled boxes.
More like it!
Did I mention that they also has bee hives?  Strawberry honey!  Sounds good, if you liked honey.  Which I don't.  But Daddy couldn't resist buying some.  I do have to say, it was good. I'm just not a honey bear. :-D lol
They also had like a little 'zoo' of farm animals.  ♥ the sheep!

And a lonely peacock!  He had no peahen...poor fella, and the big, haughty turkey in the next cage over had a hen or two. 

Piglet!  er, well, piglet is cuter...and cleaner....

Titus was enthralled by the turkey!  This was one big guy.  He kep't puffing up and thundering. 

Afterwards, we went to our friends, The Peyton family, house.

 Apparently, My little sisters think they Peyton girls have the best dress up ever. 
Back L to R: Izzy P, Shauna my sis.
Front L to R: Trulie P, Annaruth my sis.
 They had a new cat, and Izzy told my she had a photo request to have a photo shoot with Cleopatra.  Yes, that is the Cat's name. 
 Princess AnnaRuth.
 Shauna here, trying to act Fancy, and Izzy being herself.
 Trulie Sweet IS her real name.   Truly, I'm not joking.  But isn't that smile sweet?  You HAVE to say yes.
OH! Shauna has loosened up a bit!  Two princesses under a.....Hello kitty....umbrella!

There, that was our Saturday! 
Tomorrow, School.
Wednesday: School.
Thursday: School.
Friday: School.
 There is my week all laid out! And maybe I could squeeze in another blog (REAL blog post) sometime this week.  It'd be nice....


  1. Strawberries look yummy! And I like the picture of Bitsy! I'd probably be a picker like her, eat them :D

  2. Ooo Looks fun! =) We have strawberry farms around here, to.

    -Ley <3

  3. Aw, your sisters are so adorable! :D Looks like you guys had fun. ;)

  4. Hi, I was simply looking for some fun blogs to keep up with and I found yours; guess what?! I thought I was the only one who liked Sherlock Holmes anymore (older versions and the book version of him, of course.) :) And your Star Wars post below just made my day!!!!

    ~Jamie Joyce


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