I was Awarded!!

WOOHOO!!! I LOVE Awards!!

You're stranded. on an Island. you have nothing. what do you do?

Be in shock.  When I emerge from it, pray,  Thus being done, try to find water, food and shelter.  At least, that is what I would do when not running, screaming my head off in terror. :-D

What is your favorite feature: Eyes, feet, nose, etc?
 On ME?  Eyes.  I like my eyes da best!

Ponytail or bun?
Bun, those loose, curly types.

Are your ears pierced?
Yes.  Have been since I was way little.

What are you scared of?
I wonder how many times I've answered this question on here? hehe.
The dark.  Period.

Your man. short or tall?
Tall.  It would be beyond weird to be taller then your husband!

Would you rather be 13 or 30?
13. Or, I like being 15, but I think I'll like 16 even better.  But if your 30, you have bills to pay, a job, ya know...stuff like that.

Chocolate or roses?
Choc-co-late.  ☻♥

I award:

Joanna over at 'A beautiful story in the Making'
Qui @ Dancing for Life.  (I know you wont see this...but I'll comment about this later so you will).
Endor at 'A Fairytale princess in a Modern day world'
Saige @ Walking Wise
Hannah @ Hannah's Ramblings.

Your turn to be awarded and to award!

For fun. ☻  And for Joanner. ☻



  1. Haha! I love that award! XD

    -Ley <3

  2. HAHAHA!!!! The last photo! Oh that just GOT ME! :D At first I was like "OMGoodness I love that! i say it allll the time!" And then I saw that it was for me! hehehe how specccial ;D

    Thanks for the award too!!


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- Blaise Pascal