Blog party from 'With L:ove, Abbie'.

Go HERE to enter! and HERE are the prizes.

1. To get started, what is your favorite flavour of ice cream? Hard one.....Maybe Vanilla.  I'm SO original.

2. What is your current favorite song? mm....It is singular....so....ya know, TAPS is pretty, but I can't say it is my favorite right now. Maybe 'Fireflies' by Owl City, or 'Loch Lomond' or 'Alice's Theme' by Danny Elfman.
3. Do you journal? Are you kidding? YES!  I NAME my journals!

4. What's it like outside your window right now? Overcast and about to storm. Best weather EVER!

5. Hobbies? Writing, Photography, dreaming, journaling, blogging and talking.

6. All-time favorite movie quote?  "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" ~ Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

7. Favorite Holiday? My birthday.  lol

8. Dream Destination? Ireland.  Hands down.
9. How many sibling do you have?5 sisters, 3 brothers.

10. What are you wearing at the moment? Green shirt, green/off white vest and jeans.  I overdress in Summer, if you can't tell.  I NEVER wear shorts or sleeveless shirts.  And, to top it all off, I live in FL.

11. One of your most cherished possesions? My Camera and Bible.

12. One of your not-so-secret obsessions? Uhh....rearranging things by color and size. but is that an obsession?  I save every single paper I write any jot on, but few know that.  I also don't like to delete pictures.

13. What did you see the last time you went to the movies? Toy Story 3.  {Shrugs} It was ok.  Next time will be to see Courageous.

14. You won 100$ to... where? Canon online. Etsy, and Catos.

15. Career goals? Author, Poet, Photographer, and I'd love top act.

16. Most recent purchase? Can't remember. Yeah, it has been THAT long.

17. Childhood lovelies? A white bear named Baby Powder, A brown horse named Horsie, and a Unicorn name, uh..Sparkles.

18. What color is your room? White. Dull, old white.

19. A stuffed animal from when you were a kid (and probably still have?) All of the three listed above.

20. Book you are reading/plan to read? I plan to read the entire Scarlet Pimpernel series, and a book called 'ThunderDog'.

That was fun!  I suggest EVEY ONE to go do it.  Before it is to late!


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